Not all the tumours are cancerous – Test through Mammography

Many women are not aware of breast cancer and that might lead to many complications. Most of them think the symptoms are common and never get the examination done. It is very much important to undergo diagnostic screening if you feel any abnormal symptoms. To diagnose breast cancer tumours a diagnostic procedure called a mammogram is used. Your physician suggests undergoing a mammogram if he feels there are any abnormal tumours present in the breast tissue. You can get your mammogram done at the best place in New York at 2D mammogram in Paterson, NJ. The mammogram is performed in both 2D and 3D.

What is the use of mammography in breast cancer?

The digital mammogram or 2D mammogram is a diagnostic procedure which is site-specific and users are a very low amount of X-rays to give detailed pictures of the best issue. You are suggested to undergo a mammogram if there is any lump or discharge from the nipple. The mammogram is suggested to women if there are symptoms and if are there any risk factors to get cancer. Women above 40 must compulsorily get mammograms done to prevent breast cancer. Even you must be aware of self-examination of the breast so that if you feel any abnormality you can undergo a mammogram. A mammogram is the most economic procedure which is available for detecting the early stage of cancer. Mammography is an accurate method for detecting the early stage of cancer but all cancers cannot be detected through mammography. Therefore there may be a chance of performing a biopsy to know whether there is cancer.

Services near me

You must also choose the best diagnostic centre to get your mammography done. Image care centre which is present in New York City is the best screening centre. It offers the best services to its patients and gives an accurate diagnosis of the disease. It works with highly trained radiologists to meet the needs of patients. The staff is very friendly towards the patients. You can book your appointment to get the mammography. The centre charges the very reasonable prices to the patients. The correct diagnosis is always important to get the correct treatment.