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The Genting Highland is called as the popular tourist destination in the Malaysia and with that it is termed as biggest outdoor and indoor theme park as well as biggest legitimate casino. It is cited at Peak of Titiwangsa Mountain and known for the coolest climate. So if you are thinking of going on a trip to this place, then you should Book bus from KL to Genting today. Before visiting the place, the experts also suggested that you should pack your bags completely with warm clothes as it is going to be very cold there. People around also call it as the city of entertainment as it proffer the endless excitement and fun to all who visit the place. Some of the point of interest, attractions and main ride to this place includes following,

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  • First world hotel that is called as largest hotel in world by the Guinness records
  • Due to the casino de genting
  • It is the world foremost 20th century fox world

Due to mountainous terrain in this place, the only way to visit the Genting Highland is through car or by bus. as road even lead towards peak, it can also be considered as hazardous and mostly the potential tourist to this place are suggested to Book bus from the KL to Genting as the drivers are trained professionally for handling complicated road, that lead to top of it. The passengers around must also take note that route for bus to this place also make the drop off or pick up at Mushroom farm bus terminal that is actually main bus terminal at this place. After getting off at this bus terminal, the passengers can take 15 minute walk towards starting point of the Genting Highland and can have excitement and fun in their stay.

The drop off points and pick up points for bus from KL to Genting

Although the terminal of mushroom farm bus is called as main bus terminal in Genting, there are few more bus operators who drop off and pick up the passengers at other area. Such bus operators includes the KKKL express, the transtar express, five star express, citi exchange express and others.