What’s the difference between a VyprVPN IP address and a regular IP address?

A regular IP address can be used by any device that supports an IP connection and only shows as an IP address on your router/modem (if it’s supported). If you are using a VPN server, as long as your computer has this type, it will show up on your computer. Read about VyprVPN and you will see it is a good VPN service provider.

VyprVPN IP addresses work slightly differently and are not visible on your computer or laptop. This happens because VyprVPN has specific software built specifically for the VPN connection, which then connects to the VPN server. The result is that once your computer or device has been set up with the VPN, you will only see the VyprVPN IP address rather than your own (which could be blocked or even logged).

Suppose you are using a computer or device that supports IP connections. In that case, it is highly recommended that you use a VyprVPN IP address as it will provide much more safety and anonymity. Also, if you want to share your VyprVPN IP address with others, this is possible and is NOT a problem.

VyprVPN has proven to be one of the most secure, private, and privacy-focused VPN services. The company uses Smart DNS technology on all of its VPN servers, which will block all access to any website you are attempting to visit from third-party sites such as Google or Facebook. The service will also block all ads on these websites and ads for other services that may be dangerous or harmful.