Kik – A popular Chat App with teens

Kik, a free text Chat App, is supposed to be very popular with teenagers in the US. According to the company, 40% or more of youngsters use it. This application is very trendy and can be used on smartphones powered by all operating systems. Just like Snapchat, WhatsApp and Facebook’s Messenger, Kik can be used to message groups or individuals. Kik users can create a free account using their email accounts and build a Kik usernames list.

Creating contact lists

After downloading the app, a user can connect with another by searching for a friend’s name and scanning a code. Building a contact list can be done using a person’s phone number too.  Kik lets users send and receive unlimited messages from other Kik users. It is just like text messaging, and users need a WiFi connection/data plan to do so.

Why using Kik is a great idea

Kik is very popular with youngsters because it is a functional and very intuitive app. Most people use it as an alternative to Messenger, email or chat apps. It is a great alternative to send SMS messages as one must pay for the latter.  The only downside is that a customer’s data plan should be sufficient to facilitate staying connected for extended periods.

Kik also allows users to share photos, videos, emoticons and GIFs. Even though Kik was released as recently as 2010, its popularity has soared. Called Kicksters, there are more than 300 million users, as of mid-2016.

Kik’s Features

The main aim of building the Kik App was to offer users the functionality of text messaging, for free. The only thing one must do is use an email address to sign up. The next step is to set up a profile with a username and start chatting. Some of the features that Kik offers are:

  • Typing: If the person a user wants to chat with, is online, this can be seen while they are typing. This helps to receive replies instantly and whether your messages have been read or not.
  • Notifications: Whenever a user sends or receives messages, notifications are made available. Notification sounds can be customized too.
  • Inviting friends: Inviting people to use Kik is very easy. This can be done by email, SMS, Messenger and even Twitter. When a friend on your contact list signs up, this information shows up on the Kik contacts list.
  • Sending Messages: Sending messages whether they are videos or GIFs or photos is easy. This feature facilitates instant sharing.
  • Privacy: For those who are concerned about keeping information private, there are settings which can be used to block users as well as Kik from accessing the contacts list.

Downloading Kik can be done via the Apple store or the Google Play store. After one fills out some basic information, the account is all set up. Users have the option of adding a photograph to their profile. The next step is to build a Kik usernames list and one is ready to get connected to friends and family for free.