IVR Services in Pharmacy World – What to Know?

Interactive voice response or IVR systems are important thing in many pharmacies. But, lots of people think of the IVR as auto-attendant while you call pharmacy to request for the refill. There’re a lot of other benefits to pharmacy IVR software that includes:

  • Good marketing tool for the inbound & outbound communications
  • Offers 24/7 of access to pharmacy
  • Patients will see or hear the real-time status about their prescriptions.
  • All refills must go straight in pharmacy system, in case you print on the fax machine, printer, and e-mail.
  • Notify the patients when prescription is automatically ready by text, phone, and e-mail.
  • Integrates with the website and pharmacy mobile application
  • Cuts down on the phone calls to staff – the quieter work environment –improve pharmacy workflow.

Let us go on what is IVR and How does IVR work in the pharmacy?

IVR software is what you hear while you call in the pharmacy and present caller with the menu of choice. For instead press 1 for refill, 2 for directions and hours, 3 for the doctors who want to leave the voicemail and more. The IVR software generally integrates straight with pharmacy system as well as will pull or input data in pharmacy system automatically. The IVR works in three different tiers for the pharmacy let us take a close look:


  1. Outbound communication – This notifies patients via phone/text/e-mail when an Rx is ready for pickup and can also be used for marketing purposes. Example – Texting all customers to let them know your pharmacy now has flu shots available.
  2. Cloud communication – Cloud is referring to online services such as pharmacy mobile app development where patients can requests refills via your pharmacy app in the Google Play and Apple App store. This also provides refills on your website.
  3. Inbound communication – When a patient or calls the pharmacy the IVR will pick up the call and give the caller a few options — Refill Rx, Hours, Direction, Doctor Voicemail and more.

Why does your pharmacy require IVR?

Each pharmacy must have the IVR system to offer access to pharmacy for the refills 24/7. There are some owners who don’t like to have patients listen to the auto-attendant while they call in & that makes any sense – you may disable IVR during the working hours. But, your pharmacy will be competing against some other independents or chains that have the technology or patients and prescribers expect this kind of the service from pharmacy.