If you are crazy about iPhone and bought one for you, then by this time you might have understood what limitations you have while using the phone.  Apple’s supremacy in the iTunes app store prevailed for many years until it got hacked and an unauthorised code was used to decode the software and run in the device without restrictions.  Before that, no matter how useful a new app might be and how innovative the developer be, if it has not matched Apple’s rules it would not get place in app store. This irritated many users as they were not able to modify their phone according to their requirement.  This was the reason for bringing jail break in to light. When Cydia and Rock app stores were introduced as modern jailbreak update people wondered if it was safe and how the devices’ performance would be  after jail breaking  it. To make this concept clear many websites like  are available for the users.

Reasons for jailbreak:

Apple has put an iron fist on all its devices and software. It was hard to modify the settings and change it to the desired look. Even the apps that app store offered were the only options available for user. This made prospective users get frustrated as to why they had bought such an expensive gadget when there was no accessibility to the desired apps and features. This led to the idea of jail break of the iPhone . Then Cydia, the jail break update app was invented and started to offer users innumerable apps and features. There were also provisions for change in settings and chance of change of look. This became a trend setter and with many customers showing interest in jail breaking. Several links like have been provided to users to make jail breaking a hassle less job.

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Is it difficult to jail break iPhone?

It was once very difficult to jail break iPhone some time back. People had wrong notion that they needed an app to connect their phone and PC. In some traditional methods, there was the necessity of lot of programming knowledge. But today with everything available easily on internet, it is very easy. A basic knowledge of technology and applications will do the job for you.

Is it safe to jail break an iPhone?

Once you learn that it is not difficult to jail break a device, security issues tend to scratch your brain. The possible chances of your device getting viruses or spywares should be ruled out. The safety of the device depends on what kind of features you want to add to it, to what extent you are trying to customise it and so on. Some important functions like messaging and call settings might get affected. Change in themes to modify the look might affect the settings and there is a possibility of losing warranty.

You can jail break your device in many ways. But finding out a legitimate way to ensure that your device is out of danger of hacking and viruses is little but not very difficult. Take a note of the right pages which can give you correct information about the right procedure.

  • The feedback of the browsed page: See if the said page is recommended for you. You have to be sure that the page you are browsing is legitimate and guides you through the process without fear of being hacked.
  • Certificates: The moment you open a page, you will find a certificate called HTTPS certificate. This is the symbol of authentication of the page. This proves that the page is legitimate and you are ensured of its legality.
  • Observe the whole process: Take a note of the entire process. If the page does not redirect you to any other page and you are sure of its verification you can believe in jail breaking the services.

Will my device stand stable after jail breaking?

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You might face stability issues after jail breaking. Since developers don’t follow the instructions issued by Apple regarding CPU and memory storage, there is a tendency of losing battery life and rebooting issues. When compared to non- jail breaking devices the performance levels of jail broken devices will be lesser. But not to worry, there are performance enhancements apps which help your device get back to normal.

What about warranty?

Apple does not give any warranty to jail broken devices. This will be a problem if you need any service for device’s hardware as you may end up paying big bucks for their repair. In that case, you will have to return your device to pre jail broken mode if you want to get any service done.

Now, it can be understood that jail breaking your phone is not a big task. All it takes is little bit of technical knowledge and a trusted source through which you can do it. Before that, ascertain yourself if you want to really get it jail broken. The process has its own pros and cons and it is up to the user whether or not you want to get it done.