Choosing a CPI platform and Mastering the Cost Per install Advertising

Mobile applications have been on of the greatest technological inventions in this digital era. In order to stay afloat in these competitive times it is very important for businesses to invest in one. These provide good opportunities to attract greater number of potential clients in comparison to using the traditional advertising methods. There has been an increasing shift from desowningktops to smart phones hence owning a mobile app is always a welcome business strategy. But only owning a mobile app would not suffice the need as it is very important that the application reaches the target audience and is also downloaded by the. There are many third party firms offering platforms to promote your applications. One of such service providers are offerseven cpi who offer one of the best mobile promotions platform to get the best sales ROI.

The CPI marketing has been deemed as one of the best app advertising models off late. It refers to cost per install wherein the advertiser is charged only when the app is installed by the user. Expenditure on the ad divided by total installs gives the approximate cost per install. While the other models like CPM and CPC depends upon number of impressions and clicks. These necessarily do not guarantee installs. CPI is quiet beneficial when it is being used in connection to advertising an application. The CPI model resolves many issues posed by cost per mile and cost per click models. The success of the CPI model depends upon the service provider chosen for the same. The offerseven cpi has some great plans to tackle mobile app advertising in an effective manner. Before indulging in this form of advertising it is important to ensure that you maximize your CPI strategy.

The first and the very important thing is to calculate the life time value of your customer, as you do not want to spend more for a lesser ROI. Next is to keep a track of all the advertising sources and how much revenue each is generating. Always look for an account manager who would help optimize the efficiency of your campaign and also guide you through the various advertising platforms. Beware of all the fraudulent traffic that comes with these types of advertising. Lastly it is important to have patience as it takes time for the campaign to show some revenues. Despite the best campaigns sometimes the target is not reached sooner but as the say patience is a virtue.