Most debated fruit:

          The durian is a fruit which has been spoken about and debated very much at all times. When it comes to fruits in general they are expected to smell good, taste sweet and also fresh so that you can have satisfaction eating them. The fruits give lot of energy and multivitamins and other benefits. As far as the durian fruit is concerned, it is available on the Asian countries and even among the many varieties of the fruit, the black gold durian is found in the Singapore region and it has a sweet and pungent taste added with a little sublime bitter taste well.


  • The smell of this fruit is always debated but there is no questioning the taste of a fresh durian and it to taste.
  • They are packed individually and shipped to the right address. You can order the fruit online at the numbers given on the webpage and you can also have the same day delivery within the island.
  • Each fruit is enough for two people. The freshness is guaranteed with them and you cannot go wrong by ordering the fruit from them.
  • They have the best quality fruit is the most practical packaging solution and the replacement is also guaranteed on the one to one basis.
  • The description of the fruit is also given so that you can know what you are ordering.
  • The delivery time of the black gold durian is from 8 to 10pm and you can be assured of the best fruit you will ever taste.