A Buyer’s Guide When Choosing The Right Yarn For A Baby Blanket

Making your own baby blanket is something that you can do for your little one. This will not only give you a productive activity to do during your spare time, but it can also make sure that the blankets that your baby is using are safe and comfortable. Babies and toddlers go through dozens of blankets as they grow. It can be a lightweight swaddle or a duvet for their beds.

If you have the talent to knit or crochet, choosing the best yarn for baby blanket project is very important. There are certain factors to consider before you start buying yarns. Choosing the wrong yarn can end up making an uncomfortable blanket and a total waste of time. So if you want to make a blanket that can last for a long time, follow the recommendations listed below.

Choose The Right Yarn.

There are plenty of yarn brands available for purchase. But which are these are the best? Knowing the best yarns is very important. This is where the durability, the softness, and the beauty of the blanket will depend on. Here are the best yarns in the market this year.

  • Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn. This is the best choice for beginners. If you want to make a thick, warm blanket perfect for the winter months, this is the yarn for you.
  • Babysoft Yarn – Lion Brand Yarn 920-220D. It is made of 60% Acrylic and 40% polyamide and it comes in different pastel colors. The material is elastic, so you are sure when it comes to durability.
  • Coats Yarn Red Heart Gumdrop Yarn. With this yarn, you have plenty of fun colors to choose from. It is made of Acrylic but it is very soft in texture.

The Washing Possibilities

You will need to wash these blankets. The baby blankets and beddings should be changed once or twice a week. Make sure that you choose a yarn that can be machine washed and that can also withstand at least 40°C normal wash. You can choose cotton yarns, linen yarns, commercial sock yarns, or superwash wool blends for this purpose.

Test The Durability

When choosing a yarn, you have to make sure that it can stand frequent washing. This means that it should be durable. Remember that plenty of washing machines use water that is directly from the hot tank which can be up to 65°C. Make sure that you do a destructive testing to make sure that you will not be wasting your time on a project that materials are not strong enough. Knit a small piece and wash it with your jeans or your towels and see how they react to hot washing.

When it comes to your baby blankets, make sure that the yarns you are using are made of high-quality materials. This is important especially if your baby has sensitive skin. Babies will lick or maybe chew on anything that they get their hands on. Always choose yarns that are durable and safe for the baby.