Make a positive smile with orthodontic treatment

Straight and healthy teeth and an attractive smile can improve your self-confidence. With advanced options for orthodontic treatment, people of all age groups can straighten their aligned teeth and get a confident smile without experiencing much discomfort.

The orthodontic treatment effectively eliminates dental anomalies as complex as tooth bumps, clenched teeth, widely separated teeth, bites, bites, cross, and open bites.

Effective treatment solutions

To get the exceptional benefits of orthodontic treatment, you must use the services of an experienced orthodontist. Specialists carefully examine their specific abnormalities of the teeth and the alignment of the teeth and jaws with x-rays, photographs, and impressions. Depending on your observations, treatments for Ortho appliances, including conventional metal appliances, Invisalign appliances, or ceramic appliances, are planned instantly.

Metal brackets: compared to other dental appliances, stainless steel metal braces are very economical. They come with metal cables and brackets and are popular with children because they can use multicolored ligatures.

Ceramic brackets are often called tooth-colored brackets, are made of translucent material, and, therefore, are less visible. These brakes provide the best cosmetic appeal and are preferred by most adults.

Make a positive smile with orthodontic treatment

Invisalign braces: Invisalign transparent levelers are custom made according to bite prints. These clamps straighten the teeth without the use of metal wire or brackets. Invisalign levelers are removable, allowing users to eat, drink, clean, and floss in the usual way. They are practically invisible so that patients can hide the details of the treatment from others.

Treatment duration

As a general rule, treatment procedures with these orthodontic appliances can be completed within one to three years. During treatment, patients are advised to consult with an orthodontist every four to eight weeks. This will help the doctor evaluate the course of treatment and make the necessary changes.

Overview of pediatric orthodontic procedures

Pediatric orthodontic treatment is carried out in two stages: the active step and the retention phase. In the busy period, orthodontic appliances are recommended for dentition correction. These braces exert a gentle pressure to move the teeth to more straight positions gently. The retention phase involves the use of retainers, which will help repair the teeth in their new consecutive posts.

How treatment benefits your child

Through pediatric orthodontic treatment, children can obtain convenient and permanent solutions even for sophisticated dental bites, such as open bites, bites, crossbites, excessive bites, crooked teeth, protruding teeth, spaced teeth, and clenched teeth. Healthy teeth also improve your child’s physical health by eliminating gum disease, tooth loss, abnormal tooth surface wear, speech disorders, chewing problems, and digestive discomfort.