Building a screened-in patio

Build a screened-in patio that can be used for anything from bug-free outdoor seating to an outdoor kitchen. Screens are often installed on patios, but they don’t actually provide shade, leaving the space open to insects and hot sun. Build this structure yourself to create an all-season patio with bug protection. It’s perfect for adding extra living space without sacrificing yard space or breaking the bank with costly renovations.

Types of Patio Screens

There are three types of screen materials you can use for your project: metal, aluminium, and polycarbonate plastics. Metal screens tend to be sturdier than other options, and they’re highly durable, making them great for projects that’ll last several years or longer. At the same time, metal screens can be quite heavy, so they might not be the best option if you’re looking to install the screen on your own. Aluminum screens are a good compromise between metal and plastic screens: they’re lightweight and easy to install but still offer good bug protection and durability. Polycarbonate plastics are the lightest and easiest-to-install screens of the three types, but they might not be as durable as metal or aluminium screens.

How to Screen in a Patio

Once you’ve decided on a type of screen material, it’s time to start planning how to put your patio screen together. The most important part of this project is creating a sturdy frame that the screen can attach to. The frame can be made out of just about any sturdy material, including wood, metal, or rigid plastic. You’ll need to use strong corner braces to connect the pieces together and create an edge that’s similar in height to your patio table.

Once you have a frame built, attach your screen. There are two basic ways you can do this: staple the screen directly onto the frame or install a piece of moulding around the edges of the screen for support. The first option might be best if you’re looking for something temporary—it allows you to adjust or remove your screens easily—but it’ll leave small holes along the edges that won’t look as clean as moulding will.

Once your patio screen is installed, you can use it for any number of purposes. If you’re lucky enough to have a nice view outside, enjoy sitting outside and taking in the sights without having to worry about pesky bugs. Or, if you’re looking for extra living space, use the screened in patio in Tulsa, OK as an outdoor kitchen or dining area—it’s perfect for cooking and eating outdoors without having to deal with insects or harsh sun rays.