A Guide To Winning A Lottery

There’s no hard and fast rule about winning a lottery. There can be so many tips and tricks to get you there and you can never be sure which will work, which will not. But then, there is some time-tested methods which the experienced player uses to improve his odds of winning.  Those who have won huge sums of money have not achieved that without losing money. So, there are two sides to the coin too.

If you want to know How to Win the Lottery – 10 Tips That Work, here are the clues to brighten your chances at winning:

  1. Avoid being greedy: Remember, Jackpot is not the only prize! There are so many other prizes to be taken, so don’t worry if you don’t hit the Jackpot. Stick to the basics!
  2. Be regular at your participation. Try and enter your numbers in every weekly draw and avoid missing out on opportunities to win
  3. Pick the frequent numbers: Normally, you will notice that some numbers are more frequently drawn than the others. Make a study, and pick those numbers
  4. If some numbers appear frequently in the draws, obviously there are others that don’t. Avoid those numbers. Again, do this after keen observation of the patterns
  5. Attempt a blend of unique lone digit numbers or twin-digit numbers

If you are catching on and have got the hang of things, here’s the rest of How to Win the Lottery – 10 Tips That Work:

  1. Once you have started with a set of numbers, it is advisable to stay with those over a period. That way, you get to be in the reckoning for several prizes in a single game itself
  2. Avoid series of continuous numbers like 1 to 6 or only even numbers, or only odd numbers. These are normally favourites of a lot of players. So, if you do strike it, you are sharing the spoils with hundreds of others, reducing your own take
  3. Wheel the numbers, using the Secret Sauce technique, to improve your chances of winning by playing more numbers than normal.
  4. Be consistent in your planning. It is better to stay glued to a particular scheme in your game
  5. You needn’t go it alone always. Pick a stable and experienced system like a syndicate, through which you can make winning a habit!