Why Bitcoin Price Is The Winning Investment

Unlike gold or real estate, one of the most fundamental factors of bitcoin has to be the decentralization factor. The fact that cryptocurrency and bitcoin are decentralized does not put it under anyone’s authority, immunizing it to most of the prior laws interfering in the process of fund transfer. The bitcoin price also eliminates the use of financial institutions by transferring the funds directly between the two users, eliminating the sky-high processing fees other overhead fees charged by the middlemen.

The Birth Of Bitcoin

Much to everybody’s surprise, bitcoin was in fact discovered accidentally. Its founder was set upon inventing a decentralized system for cash flow and never actually intended on inventing a currency. Satoshi Nakomoto a suspected alias is the founder of the bitcoin price software. He successfully created what most people thought was unachievable, a fully decentralized system to transfer money. He successfully invented the bitcoin software in October 2008 which was made open source and available for use in January 2009. After its launch, it successfully gained popularity amongst entrepreneurs and billionaires around the world. Much to everyone’s surprise, Satoshi remained anonymous throughout this journey, never claiming any fame after what is believed to be the most important economic breakthrough, and in 2010 he stopped communicating officially and disappeared.

It is believed that Satoshi owned over 1 Million in bitcoin when he went off-grid, making his net worth, $9.2 Billion as of November 2019. It is believed that the value of bitcoin may hit the half-million mark in 2020 and maybe even 1 million, possibly the main reason why bitcoin is the most popular and sought after currency on the entire planet.