The existence of the Father of BITCOIN, Satoshi Nakamoto, is in some real doubt. Nakamoto was supposedly born on April 5th 1975. So he should be nearing 45 years of age now. It is also claimed that he is from Japan. But nobody seems to have actually met Mister Nakamoto, and nobody knows whether he really existed. But in a White Paper ascribed to Mister Nakamoto, the first BITCOIN was proposed in 2008. Nobody knows today what he really looks like, and what he is like in person. But photographs have appeared around the world, showing a nondescript be-spectacled Japanese gentleman of indeterminate age, in a grey suit and smudged hair, claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto. But, while the existence of the Creator is in doubt, there is no doubt, what-so-ever, of the existence of his brainchild, the BITCOIN. Mister Nakamoto is also credited with inventing the first BLOCKCHAIN database.


One of the best ways of acquiring BITCOINS is said to be by mining free bitcoin. But, what is BITCOIN? Each BITCOIN is actually a Virtual Folder stored in an App that is called the Digital Wallet. The Digital Wallet exists in the ‘Cloud’, and also in people’s smart phones and computers. Each BITCOIN or portions of it can be sent into and out of individual Digital Wallets to other people in P2P (Peer To Peer) transactions. Each transaction is recorded in a public list which is attached to the folder of transactions. This list is called the BLOCKCHAIN.