Virality That Strikes Curiosity

Ever wonder how posts become viral? So do a lot of people. Apparently, there are no real guidelines and instructional videos to make your post go viral. No one actually knows how to make a viral post. If there are, they might already be making millions and millions selling their secret to companies. There are really no specific topics in viral posts. These posts can be anything and everything under the sun. Which is why, it’s actually hard to say whether a post will go viral or not since there are a lot of factors to consider.

You might have already seen some of these viral posts on your social media feed. They were probably shared by friends or pages you may follow. Regardless of who shared the post, you have to admit that you enjoyed reading the article or watching the video. If you’re wondering where else you can find a supply of viral posts, Krazy Wolf has got you covered. The website contains anything and everything that’s viral. From videos about dogs sitting like humans to strange wedding cultures, you’ll never run out of posts to keep you entertained. As a preview, here are a few of those weird traditions for weddings.

Tears of joy

Crying is a normal sight to see during weddings. The Tujia people in China however, take things to a whole new level. A month before the wedding, the bride-to-be will cry for an hour, EVERY DAY. After 10 days, the mother will join in the weeping party. Another 10 days after, grandma will also join in the tear shedding. This usually goes on until all female members in the family are crying.

The stiff husband

There are people who take zodiac signs very seriously; some more than others. Indian people however, are taking things a bit further. There are parts of India where women who were born as “Mangliks” (a term labelled to people who were born under a certain astrological arrangement involving Mars) are considered to bring bad luck if they plan on marrying. And in order to break the curse, they are required to marry a tree. Yes folks, you read that right. This marriage of woman and nature however, is short-lived. After the wedding, the tree is then destroyed and the curse lifted. This tradition sounds like it can be made into a Disney movie.

A good example

As you might have noticed, these “previews” of the viral article about weird wedding traditions is part of a list. A list is a good way to get viral views since it promotes curiosity among readers. Not to mention that list type articles are easy to understand since the content is usually the title.

A viral post will usually try to connect with people either on an intellectual or emotional level. Posts like these (weird wedding traditions) are sure to get the reader’s attention out of curiosity. This will more or less compel the reader to share the article to impart the knowledge he or she has learned. This sharing of the article will then cause a ripple effect and will ultimately lead to the article going viral.