Pickup Truck Pincushion

Not all people who sew are women. Lots of men enjoy sewing and are quite good at it. They use the same things as women use when they sew: needles, thread, fabric. But when it comes to pincushions there aren’t a lot of manly ones out there. Most pincushions have flowered material, or are shaped like little tomatoes, but a really manly pincushion might not even exist. You can make one, though, since you sew. Something like a truck would be pretty manly but you’ll never find a pickup truck pincushion. Although, you can always make one. It isn’t hard, since you sew, and the pickup truck pincushion will become a cherished and useful item in your sewing room.

You might already have a pickup truck that you can use for this project. The best one is one that is somewhat small and has a bed with sides and a tailgate. The truck doesn’t have to be plucked out of your vintage collection; you can just use a small, cheap truck from a dollar-theme store, if you want.

One way to make the truck into a pincushion is to just use a small block of Styrofoam. Cut it to be the size of the bed and simply lay the Styrofoam in the bed of the truck. It could be glued in place – if you want something permanent – but you can also use double-sided tape to secure it.

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Instead of just laying a slab of Styrofoam in the back you can cut it into various shapes – to look like cargo – and you can even paint the pieces with tempera paints. This is a cute look for the pickup truck pincushion. API aplikasi

Another option is to make a tiny pillow for the truck bed. It’s a lot of fun to go online and print out something like a vintage truck tire ad or another truck-related picture. Print it onto inkjet-printable cotton fabric and use it to make the pincushion. Only one of the two pillow pieces needs to be printed.

Stack the two pieces of cloth on top of each other so that their right sides are facing. Sew almost all the way around the pillow but leave an opening for turning it right-side-out. After sewing and turning, stuff the pillow, and sew the opening shut. Glue or use double-sided tape to secure the pillow to the truck bed.

Any man – and some women – would love the truck bed pincushion that’s unique and cute, but still manly. You’ll use it often and keep it for many years.
Truck Bed Pincushion