ParcEsta Real Estate is Upswing with Increased Demand

Recently, there has been an increase in the development of property in the East Coast area and PayaLebar area and its surroundings. Most of these are due to the creation of new offices in this area, especially at the eastern intersections of Lebar. ParcEsta has also promoted multi-story apartment buildings throughout the area. Large-scale sales promotions are made by established organizations. Much of the ParcEsta business in the area is under the umbrella of the sector.

Commercial premises

The service sector, which generates a large number of financial services and IT services (IT services), has led to the establishment of several offices, especially in the East Coast area.

ParcEsta is a fully commercial area mainly of IT offices, mobile service providers, commercial banks and administrative units. There are also several educational and training facilities in the area. Since the office space in the area has come to an end, all the new commercial companies in this region are establishing their businesses in these new areas. Outside or within these commercial properties is like any other property in the world. These multi-layered features include an energy-saving mode, 24-hour water supply and several elevators, at least two staircases, a building control system, fire-fighting and fire-fighting equipment, parking of vehicles and an internal communications system.

The design and construction of these offices are made by world-class architects and professional developers of real estate. Many of these commercial characteristics are truly international.

Location of residential buildings

Parc Esta also implements housing construction projects. Like the estate office space, residential areas are also divided into several categories, from ordinary to rich. The residential buildingsand its surroundings have been developed. Many of these features are equipped with swimming pools, gym, gym, community room with air conditioning, club or office, playgrounds, parking and landscaped gardens. Many apartment buildings also have internal control and communication systems. There are also condos with a school for children, a shipping company and a pharmacy in the estate. The buildings of the existing generations are made taking into account the seismic tendencies of the area.

Access to homes and offices

Offices and homes, like any other region, are available either through hiring or direct sales. Most buyers use the terms of the loan for the acquisition of our real estate company. The loans are provided by commercial banks and financial institutions.