Launch Your Start-up with these 3 Guaranteed Investments

Launching a start up is not an easy feat. There are many things to look into such as a viable business plan, business models, the product and most importantly the funding. Oftentimes, founders are stomp from going further with their start up company because of lack of runway. True they can fund the company using their personal money but that won’t be viable in the long run. It is vital then that the start up would consider alternative start up funding.

Looking for a funding is now relatively easy. Patrick Mackaronis suggests a great variety of solid options for finding the right investors. Here are the suggested three.

Crowd Funding Websites.

Startups can now access a wide array of crowd funding websites. These websites serve varieties of investor. There are sites funded by the general public like Kickstarter. There are those sites dedicated to investors like OurCrowd. It is important to identify then the investor incentives and a platform that would best align the start-up’s strategy. There are many successful start-ups that were able to get their funding from these platforms. Even more, you can also see initial traction of your start up here as this can help gauge market acceptability in terms of monetary support.

Accelerators and Incubators.

Start-ups are considered baby businesses. Because of this concept, it is important to find an area where they can grow and mature. Working with an incubator or accelerator will provide the founder with that benefit. These areas can provide a start up a lot of advantages such as training, start up assistance, networking, mentors and connection to investors. The beauty of being part of these is that it can provide a lot of help and assistance for the start-up. They can even help pivot your product or offering based from their pool of experts.

Angel Investors.

These are individuals willing to invest not only money but also their time, knowledge and advice to start-ups. No wonder they are referred to as angels. For starters, you can go to Angel Capital Association as they provide directory listings of angel investors in terms of region and platform type. Other sites that you can go to are AngelList, and the Angel Investment Network.

These are just only three of the many platforms for that guaranteed investments for your start-up according to Patrick Mackaronis. Undeniably, there’s no more excuse for a company that they don’t have much runway to launch their company. Head now to the platforms listed above.