Hire Handyman In Lutherville

A handyman is a typical person who fixes or repairs electrical, mechanical or plumbing tasks. He performs all these tasks of maintaining, installing and repairing inside and outside the house using his technical skills.

A person who can do domestic renovations or occasional fixations is called a handyman.  Some people do this work because of their passion for machines and electronics; some are experimental researchers, while some require money to support their family or education.

Job description:

handyman services in Lutherville can be part-time as well as full-time. It’s not necessarily to be a light man or a plumber. Handyman work can even be done by the member of your own house who changes bulbs, washes bathrooms or can be unpaid homeowners.

They can be plumbers, electricians, carpenters or mechanics. They conduct all functions of maintaining and sustaining the home. Many people do core wooden and glass work and they are carpenters. Some work to clean the clogs and blockages of sewage or lose taps- we call them plumbers. Meanwhile, those who fix refrigerators or any electronic items are electricians.

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  • They are required to check whether all the home appliances and parts are working in the best way or not.
  • Analyze and detect the necessary change or repair of tools or types of machinery.
  • Professionally handle complaints and queries to maintain the service records.
  • Maintaining house inside (hall, bedroom and kitchen) and outside (parking lots, gardens) for cleanliness.
  • Provide proper guidance on functions and manuals of electronic goods.
  • Oversee cleanliness in company/event venue/house premises.


The job of a professional handyman can be operated by anyone capable of fulfilling the following requirements-

  • High school diploma or equivalent qualification required.
  • A minimum of 2 years of working experience in the role is required respectively.
  • Experience in plumbing and electrical systems.
  • Ability to work with hardware tools and power equipment for repairing objects or parts of electrical and mechanical functionaries.
  • Organized and good communication skills.
  • Detail-orientated with an aptitude for problem-solving.


The salary for handyman services is provided according to the respective role. Handymen get an annual income of 0.1 lakh-4.9 lakh INR. This prediction is based on the latest survey of 59 latest services given by them.