Almost everyone dreams of owning a car. It somehow gives them a sense of achievement. Each person’s needs and preferences are different. People are sometimes overwhelmed by so many choices available in the market today. Although having a new car would make anyone feel better, a lot choose to own pre-loved cars instead. Not only can it save you money, but it also provides almost the same satisfaction as a new car. There are many reasons to buy a pre-loved car instead of a new one.

Saves money

Pre-loved cars usually cost about fifty percent lower than new cars. It lets you save a lot of money. You can even get two pre-loved cars for the price of one new car. Or you can use your savings for other more important finances.

No hidden charges

Buying a new car always looks great. What a lot of people are not aware of is that most car deal prices are not inclusive of extra charges. You have to pay more for shipping charges, destination fees, and dealer fees. Some new cars even have advertising fees you should pay for, and that amounts to about a thousand dollars. Pre-loved cars do not have these hidden charges.

More affordable customization costs

Dealership add-ons are always expensive for a new car. When you buy a pre-loved car, you can use the money you saved to install add-ons at a lower cost. There are many shops that offer customizations at great affordable prices.


Lower insurance premiums

The insurance provider often pays for what your car is worth at the time of an accident. It does not pay for the same price when you bought it. Gap insurance steps in to cover the difference. It raises your insurance premium. With a pre-loved car, gap insurance is not necessary so it will not raise your insurance premium.

Safer for the environment

A vehicle produces carbon dioxide during its manufacturing and first shipment. Buying pre-loved cars lessen the carbon dioxide output into the environment. Pre-loved cars also have less impact on the environment than newer hybrid ones.

Lower annual registration fees

The rate of a car’s annual registration fee often depends on the car’s value and its model year. The rate is usually highest in the first three years. It then levels off after five years or so. Buying a car that is at least three years old is ideal for this reason. It will let you save about a thousand dollars in annual registration fees.

Consider buying used cars in raleigh to experience the benefits and advantages mentioned. You can even find pre-loved cars that still have part of their original warranty. If not, you may opt to create a new warranty.